XRomb Receives US Patent

One of our favorite projects has taken a giant leap forward recently. The Fast Touch Wallet mobile application by XRomb was awarded a United States Patent On July 1st, 2014. This patent describes a system and method patent for loading transaction card and processing repayment on a mobile device. The full patent can be read here. The Fast Touch Wallet allows users to tap their NFC enabled cards against their NFC enabled mobile devices and the users info is automatically added to the applications input fields saving the user from having to input the information manually.

 “This patent makes claims in connection with our technology that allows easy, secure, and scalable adoption of mobile phone payment technologies for banks, merchants, and consumers,” stated the Chairman & CEO of XRomb, Valdis Martinsons, in a press release.

The Fast Touch Wallet is FREE and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

XRomb’s FastTouch Mobile Wallet touch and load cards